Lakeside at the Lee's

Topping the pergola is silver lace vine. Evergreen wisteria was added as a container plant and will hopefully intermingle next year. Our fishing Scottie (Mojo) studies his prey while sidekick Spam offers strategic support.

The native iron ore rocks forming the walkway were all laid by hand (and knee) by hubby Rob, who also harvested them from friends' property (one by one up a steep embankment). The project was only completed a couple of months ago. Golden moneywort is beginning to fill in the cracks, as well as dwarf mondo. When we purchased the house two years ago, there were no structures (fence, arbors, pergola, boathouse) ... not even a blade of grass, which we sprigged ourselves (of course!).


This arbor is fronted by yet another (also in white iron) not shown here. The hydrangeas in this bed this season were a KILLER blue! The interior of this cross-fenced section will eventually house another cottage-style garden. This section was intended as a place for our doggies while we entertained, but they've actually never been sequestered there (and probably won't be!). Hey...they're the ORIGINAL party animals!